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Hello and welcome to our site:

My name is Wilson Basquiat and I am from the Caribbean Island “Haiti” but I now live in the USA Miami FL since I was just a teenager. I love doing a lot of things and have a lot of different interest the list is very long. In here i will be talking about various topics related to make money online and I will be sharing what has been working for me by way of articles and videos.

My sole purpose for starting this site is to help guide you to make the right decision in your online marketing career.
I remember when i first got started, I didn’t know who to trust or where to turn to. I was buying product after product and nearly went broke in under 8 months trying to figure things out.

So friend, I know the frustration of trying to start your online business. Also, not only the road can be uncertain and the journey can be quite long, but also you might also need to watch out for the so call gurus who prey on people who are trying to get started or struggling with their online business.

My goal here at Godfidence Online marketing is to help as many people as possible to avoid making the same mistake I made for several years. I will review the product that I believe will make a difference in the life of my visitors and occasionally release several free training and sound marketing tips to help you achieve your dream of owning your time if that’s what you want and while at the same time earning a passive affiliate income.

Wilson B.

True and sound online marketing tips you can trust with real world case studies, reviews and free make money online methods.

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